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Interested in being an NFP Teacher?


Q. Why is it better that NFP is taught by a qualified natural family planning teacher?

A. We believe that everyone has the ability to understand fertility. For some people, depending on their knowledge and education, this may come easily, but for others more background may be needed. Natural family planning has been shown to be very effective when used correctly. By meeting with a qualified, experienced teacher couples increase their chances of using the method correctly. Also, since natural family planning is ideal for women throughout their reproductive years, whether planning pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, during breastfeeding, and leading up to the menopause, a qualified teacher can help women as they move from one familiar phase to a new phase in their lives.

Q. Who should become a natural family planning teacher?

A. Many health professionals have trained to become NFP teachers to enhance their professional skills. Many interested laypeople are also teachers in order to help others in the community to enjoy this natural, low-cost, healthy method of avoiding, planning, and achieving pregnancy.

Q. How long does the NFPTAI course take to complete?

A. The course takes approximately ten months, incorporating six weekends of lectures, once per month, and three months of practical experience.

Q. How regularly does NFPTAI facilitate these teacher training courses?

A. A Course is held once a year. See dates for the next Course in ‘Latest News’ on home page.’

Q. Are the exams difficult?

A. The exams are achievable for someone who has put in the necessary preparation.

Q. What qualification or certification will I receive after completing the course?

A. Successful candidates will receive a certificate to teach natural family planning and fertility awareness.