The NFPTAI is a voluntary organisation and a registered charity and was incorporated as a limited company in 1990.

The NFPTAI course is accredited by the the I.E.E.F. which is the European Institute of Family Life Education, (Institut European d’Education Familiale)

The NFPTAI course meets the I.E.E.F. NFP teacher training course guidelines including requirements for trainers, participants, organisational criteria, course structure, criteria for awarding of the certificate and ongoing training.

The content of the NFPTAI course meets the I.E.E.F. seven standards for core content of training courses:

  1. General Training
  2. Medical-scientific area
  3. Anthropological Area and Sexuality
  4. Ethical, moral Issues and magisterium
  5. Psycho-pedagogical area
  6. Research Methodologies
  7. Didactic – pedagogical area